Problems with capitalization of Artist name

Hi there, I’ve been Audirvana for a few months. I noticed the sound quality improvement compared to Foobar straight away, it’s been great.

But I’ve got a bug I can’t figure out - there’s two artists in my library where the artist name is in all caps. I use mp3tag to change file tags in my library, and it works whenever I made changes to anything else. But in these cases I’ve checked (and re-written) the Artist and Album Artist tags, rescanned the library, also tried going into the options menu and under Maintenance selecting ‘Check database integrity’, ‘Rebuild the indexes’ and also done the option of defragmenting the library, but I still get these two artists coming up in all caps in Audirvana. There doesn’t seem to be any way to change tags or the artist name directly in Audirvana that I’m missing?

I’m currently using version 3.5.9 on a Windows 10 PC.

I’m on a MAC, but it should be same on PC…
Have you tried clicking and artist name… click a cover album from that artist, then click his name the see all his albums, be don’t click an album after, just put the tag editor window and see what is written up there as Artist name and Sort as… maybe one is written in Caps there.

Great, thank you! I didn’t realize you could edit the tags within Audirvana like that. It worked :slight_smile: