Problems with Remote V4 iPad

I have issues with both ipads I have where there are no transport controls on screen and no way to bring them up.

Good morning everybody,
Although satisfied with the recent version of the Remote for AS on the iPad, there exist a serious problem. When I on Remote in Albums I select an album for playing, this album starts playing. All good till this moment. But….then I want to stop the music or make a pause. Not possible! In previous version of Remote it was possible as it should be.
Do I something wrong? See the screendumps.

Hi @Syrinx,

Which version of iOS do you have on your iPad and which version of iPad do you have?

Thank you, Antoine.
Ipad: 6th generation
OS: 16.11


When I totally close the Remote and again open Remote then I get another screen in which I can pause or stop playing

I just updated to the latest Remote. Now I can’t see my local files. Is there a way to revert to the old version? No button pressed will work.

Would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Studio 1.13.3 on Windows 10. Remote on IOS 12.5.5

Hi @dv187736,

Please look at the latest post I put on this thread and try the workaround I gave :point_up_2:

I did close and restarted the app but issue not resolve. Then I shutdown my iPad, restarted and opened the app. Same thing.

I can only see my Favorites. The Seach works to show the result. TheSettings work.

Not functioning are Playlist, Radio, Podcast, Home and Local.

Something like this?

Yes. Very similar.

also in this non bets version the remote crashes if you “wiggle” the booklet a little, which you sometimes involuntary do as you flip the pages.

@edzed and @dv187736,

You are both using iOS 12, can you please confirm me that it’s the Radio,Podcast,Tidal/Qobuz/HRA and Local button that does nothing when you tap on it?

That’s correct, thanks for your attention to this issue.

Yes. That’s correct.

Dear all,
I updated AS and the remote but I’m now regretting it… I encounter many problems I did not have before:
1- AS is up and running, I switch my player on and it appears on the network but is not seen by AS. This NEVER happened before.
2- When playing a track, after some seconds, the sound is broken as if my player was starving from data. This NEVER happened before.
3- When playing a track, sometimes the player menu disappears and I cannot stop playing that track. The menu will eventually pop up again after a restart of remote. There should be a button to display 'currently playing track" somewhere.

I would like to go back to the previous versions of both AS and remote if possible.

On top of that, a bug I observed on the previous version (Wrong picture associated to some disk that do not have any picture attached) is still there but I can live with that.

I just want to sit and relax, listening to music, and not wasting my time in tracking bugs.

And, by the way, is the new version of remote only supposed to work in landscape mode on iOS? If yes, that’s a pitty…

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I too would like to revert to Remote 3.2.1 on Audirvana 3.5 if possible thanks!

It is an iPad 8th generation and I had iPad OS 15 but I have updated to 16.2 and the remote app behaves the same. Whenever the screen blanks out the now playing section at the bottom of the screen disappears when I return to the app. The only way to get back now playing is swipe away Audirvana and reload the app. Not good.

By the way, the previous version of this app did not do this. So for example the iPhone version works fine.

Hi, @Antoine. I want to make sure I am reading this thread correctly. Auto-switch between portrait and landscape modes is not working in the current Remote v4 release? Thanks.

Happy Holidays.

I have also the problem of the disappearing bow playin section. I have to renew the app and it is
visible but after some music sessions it’s gone. Very frustrating.because my computer is on the second floor and i am listening on the ground floor,
Ipad Pro 11 inch, first generation, IOS 16.2 with iMac M1 2022.

Hi @Antoine,
I have a similar issue to the one noted above: on an older version of the iPad (iPad Mini 2) running iOS 12.5.6 I cannot access the library through the “home” button. Nothing happens once I touch it. I am connecting the device to a Mac Mini running the “Origin”.