Prompt to Enter License Key on startup everytime I launch Audirvana in Windows


I’m using a second install of my license on my laptop running windows 10 (64 bit Pro, 20H2, fully-up-to-date).

Everytime I launch Audirvana on this system, it prompts me to enter my license key, as if it’s a first run. I do, and it picks up wherever I left off and it rescans my library, but if I close it and restart, I get the License Key prompt again.

Probably relevant, I’m using a synced (remote) profile on this laptop.

Any suggestions?

do you mean that you have two profiles on the same laptop with Audirvana on those two profiles?

hi Damien,

No. I have one profile that I use Audirvana with on this laptop and another computer I run as my main Audirvana installation. I’m using the same key on both, but the laptop requires me to re-enter the key every time I start it.

My guess is that Audirvana isn’t putting the registration information into the correct directory under ~/AppData because the profile is “roaming”.

any progress on this? Still happening every launch on my laptop.

Have you tried using the local profile instead of roaming one?

that would disable my fingerprint reader and other login methods which are tied into this roaming profile for some reason. So no.

Anyway, I was able to restart A+ without entering my key this morning after a restart so maybe it’s working now?