Pros/cons of Sync folder v. iTunes/Music sync

New to Audirvana and am wondering what are the various advantages of one method over the other.
Thanks for any consideration.

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Hello @tmthylance,

There are a lot of differences between one and the other:

Sync folder:


  • You get all metadata of the tracks including it’s artwork.
  • The metadata are also editable.
  • You can create playlists with the tracks/albums you synced.
  • The overall performance of sync is better that the iTunes one.
  • If a change is made in your folder, it is automatically synced.


  • Any metadata change you do in the app is also replicated in your track metadata.
  • Your folder structure can sometimes creates special behaviors, especially if you do not have a artist name for an album or track.

iTunes sync:


  • Every albums/tracks you bought in iTunes are accessible and playable.
  • You can access all of your iTunes playlist and play them…


  • Every track and album metadata are viewable but not editable.
  • …but you can’t edit your iTunes playlists in the app(Apple API limitation)
  • Any track you add in iTunes are not automatically synced (Apple API limitation)

I probably forgot some but I think it’s a good start :wink:


Good start? How about great start. Much thanks.
All the pros for Sync and even the first listed con (for me a pro) are important to me. As for iTunes’ pros I don’t buy from Apple and make little use of playlists. And the iTunes cons? I can see why Swinsian and Decibel(beta) do not offer the option. (Granted, their reasons might have more to do with lack of programming ability/willingness.)

Again, thanks.

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