Qobuz and 2.3.0 update / Mac

After updating to Studio 2.3.0 on a Mac running 12.6.4 Monterey, the search function doesn’t bring find albums on Qobuz unless I had previously loved/subscribed to them. If I open the Qobuz app separately, I can find albums, then click on the heart icon, after which they will show up in Audirvana and stream fine. It’s just the search function within Studio 2.3.0 that’s not working with Qobuz. I’ve disconnected then reconnected Qobuz, but it didn’t help. Perhaps coincidentally, Studio got stuck when updating to 2.3.0; after a restart it worked, but it had to reindex my local iTunes library. Anyone else have issues?

No problem with Studio 2.3/Qobuz searching. Are you sure that the magnifying glass is not crossed out for Qobuz?

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Also with my system (MacMini & Ventura), I’m not having any problems since updating to AS 2.3
Searching brings the usual results both locally and in Qobuz!

Hi @eatapc,

Can you post a screenshot of the whole Audirvāna Studio interface when you are doing a search?

You probably have this: