Qobuz Discover in Studio: where are the genre (Classical, jazz...)?

Hi folks,
I’ve just purchased Audirvana Studio, but I don’t find the possibility to choose the genre I want in the Discover category like I did in my old Audirvana 2.6 with a menu on top with classical, jazz, pop, etc… I have only this “grand selection” completely unuseful to my needs.

Someone can help me?


On top of Audirvana there are sorting and filter icons and they work almost everywhere.

If you want to filter on genre in Qobuz:

Click on the Filter Icon (looks like a funnel), while you are in Qobuz discover.
A screen will open where you can adjust the filter.

Left of the filter you see the sorting icon:

The Filter and Sorting are functional on almost all screens where they make sense (album view, list view, etc.) and also in Qobuz.



Great! Thanks a lot Andy. I was getting crazy. :blush:

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