Qobuz Discover only showing 20 albums

From my Qobuz menu (left side) I click “Discover”, from there I click “Qobuz Grand Selection” and I only see 20 albums. Adjusting the album size does not affect the number. Same with “Still Trending”, only shows 20 albums.

I closed Studio and opened 3.5 and I see the expected long list of Qobuz albums.

I closed 3.5 and started Studio - same result, not showing all the Qobuz “Discover” albums.

Added: Same thing happening with “Playlists” each only shows 20 items.

Hello @LJK,

Have you tried to disconnect and reconnect your Qobuz account from Studio?

I hope you clicked ‘See All’. Otherwise ignore the rest of my post.

Maybe it is not what you mean, but if I click “Discover” the Grand selection only shows a limited number of albums too.
But if click ‘See All’ (see picture below) I see them all. In Audirvana 3.5 the complete grand selection was displayed, but in Audirvana Studio the layout is a bit different and you need to click the ‘See All’. If this is not what you mean ignore my post :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried disconnecting and reconnecting Qobuz - Still only seeing 20 results.

I tried disconnecting Qobuz, quitting Studio, restarting Studio, reconnecting Qobuz - Still only seeing 20 results.

Yes, when I click “See More” I see 20 results. It happens in all Qobuz sections: Discover, Playlists, and Qobuz Taste,

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Are you using the latest version of Studio and which OS are you using?

Update: Just randomly trying different things

Before I clicked on “See More” I narrowed the Studio frame (macOS). Now clicking on “See More” shows the expected long list of items.

When I return to full screen mode and click on “See More” I only see 20 results.

When I manually expand the frame to fill top to bottom, I get the 20 result limit.

So the solution is to size the Studio frame less than full top to bottom.

(I used the term frame instead of window to avoid confusing macOS with Windows Studio versions)

Can you send a screenshot when you are in full screen and only seeing 20 results?

I don’t have this on Big Sur 11.6. So it’s only in full screen mode you get this issue. Which version of MacOS you have installed?

It happens reliably in full screen mode and sporadically in non-full screen. Moving and resizing the frame seems to solve the problem.

I will try to reproduce the issue with Damien then.

Can you try to change the width of the source selection to see if you still have the issue?

I disconnected Qobuz and reconnected before trying - same result. Initially shows 20 results then resizing the window allows me to see (via scrolling) the >20 items.

(this isn’t an urgent problem for me now that I know how to deal with it!, but Thanks!)

This means you had reached a specific resolution in the view that prevented the albums to load as it should.

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