Qobuz: Error on an artist's album page

For the Qobuz streaming service, the albums listed for an artist do not correspond to this artist. You can try with Paul McCartney, the majority of the albums presented do not correspond to this artist (you can find The Buggs, Tico de Moraes, Atlas Gray…) The Qobuz website works correctly. Thank you to bring a patch or a simple solution to this very unpleasant problem.

Hello @DidierV,

I thing you should change the settings fro the album sorting on Qobuz website, fi you sort it by release date you will see the error on their database…

That being said we need to check if we have the possibility to sort by relevance as by default we sort by release date the album in the artist view.

Hi Damien3.

I tried to sort out the release date on the Qobuz website and all I get are Paul McCartney albums. I don’t get the same result with Audirvana. The first album displayed is Flapping Wings by The Buggs. The only link with McCartney is the appearance of Lennon (member of the Beatles) as composer of one of the songs. So it seems that the list presented by Audirvana displays everything that is from near and far related to an artist.


Here is what i get:

By relevance:

By release date:

Good evening Damien3.

You’re right, the sorting by date of the Qobuz application is the same as the default Audirvana one but it’s different on the Qobuz website :

I will ask Qobuz why there is such a difference between their website and their application and hope they will make a correction. Maybe this will also fix this problem for Audirvana.


You came to the store of Qobuz, not the streaming app, this is why you couldn’t see the difference between date and relevance

Right Damien3, I didn’t think there could be a difference between the store and the streaming service. I hope that Qobuz will bring us an solution to this problem which is very penalizing.

I received the answer from Qobuz to my question about the artist pages. Here it is:

Thank you for your message.
We are actively working to improve the display of our artist pages and we are sorry if you are not satisfied today with what is offered. Many improvements should be made in the coming months to refine the quality of these pages, we hope you will like them.

Yes, I hope this problem will be really corrected soon…