Qobuz offline cache

I am a longtime user of Qobuz Sublime+ and I have been using their native windows app on a custom built and optimized audiophile PC. This app has been super flaky but has recently improved in stability. There are two things I like about it and one which is really bad. What I like is 1) it can render directly into ASIO, 2) Offline cache and downloaded music folders. This is especially useful since until recently Oobuz live streaming was flaky depending on location. I think recently with Qobuz moving to Amazon Web services, this has improved. However having the music available locally to a super fast local media, should make a big difference. What the Qobuz app lacks, which is a show stopper for me, is a remote control. You cannot drive your destop app from any other device. So you have to go up to your auidiophile PC (connected to your DAC and Hifif) and have a monitor available so you can drive the app.

Audirvana seems to solve this problem with the remotes it offers! Which makses it an ideal replacement for the Qobuz app since it can do ASIO and full high res stream rendering. But can Audirvana cache Qobuz music locally and can it download Qobuz files for offline rendering like the native Qobuz app can?