Qobuz streaming in Hi Res

Hello, I started evaluation period. unfortunately Qobuz HiRes streaming does not work. After 3 or 4 seconds the music stops an I heard something like a “pink noise”. CD quality streaming seems to be ok.

I installed Audirvana on my Mac Mini (i5 - 2 core 1,4Ghz with 4Go DDR and 250Go SSD) connected to my Lumin via ethernet which is just employed as transport box. My DAC is an Aaccuphase linked to Lumin by coax.

How to solve the issue ?

Thanks in advance


Can’t you configure Qobuz directly in the Lumin app?

You can check the pre-load cache. Set it to either 1024 and 2048 MB (or somewhere in between). Are you upsampling?

Direct streaming from Qobuz works very well. No issues with that