Qobuz view flashes/refreshes constantly

When browsing Qobuz, the album art flashes repeatedly and can only be stopped by selecting something outside of “discover” and then going back in.

Windows 10 and latest Audirvana 3.5.10

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Hello @David_Winnert, have you tried to disconnect your account and reconnect it?


So here is exactly how it happens, which I can duplicate every time.

Start Audirvana, click on Discover in Qobuz, click on any of the sections (Qobuz Grand Selection, Still Trending, Press Awards and Top Albums on Qobuz). All of the album art starts flashing. Clicking on any of the sections still causes flashing. Only by clicking on Qobuz Playlists, Qobuz Taste, Favorites and Purchased and then going back to Discover stops it.

BTW, thanks for the awesome program. On my second year…


Hi there. I was wondering if you have figured out what is causing this issue. I am having the same problem. It seems to happen any time I change tabs within the same category (for example: if I am in the “Discover” category, and I switch tabs from “Grand Selection” to “Still Trending”, the album covers start to flash). The flashing will continue indefinitely, until I switch to another category (such as “Playlists”), and then switch back. Then the album covers load as they should. I can also click on one of the flashing albums, which will take me to the album, and then click the back button to return and the albums load correctly. It is very strange.

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Still happening just like you described. I have just learned to live with it.

Qobuz still flashing like crazy as described above…over two months now.

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I am having the same problem and this reduces the fun working with this program (16.07.2020).
We are talking about an easy to fix problem and not a big science. It is not clear for me why it taking 3 months and nothing is happing or any customer update on it. In general the program is not doing for what it was sold and a bug fix is not happing. Audirvana when will this problem be fixed or are you planning to pay back the money back to your customers?

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Hello @mleiwesmeier, the fix for this problem is not that easy, we need to make an API call every time you do something in the Qobuz integration of Audirvana. Changing this means we need to make a lot of change in the app but don’t worry, we are working on this and you will not have this anymore in a future update of Audirvana.

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