Qobuz voucher does not work because I downloaded years ago

Years ago I opened a qobuz France account in order to download music. This was before the streaming service was available in the USA. I never had a streaming account, just a download account. I never used a VPN.

Now that I want to try the USA streaming service through my new Audirvana Studio account, I can’t. I can’t use my Audirvana voucher for the 3 month free trial.

Furthermore, the web browser keeps coming up in French and there is no way I can reset this.

I want to try the streaming service, but I can’t because a few years ago I downloaded a few albums?

Can you help ?

Tomorrow Paris time @Antoine should see this and jump in. You really should send this to support@audirvana.com

Isn’t the first logical step to contact Qobuz about this or have you already done that?

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OK I’ll try support@audirvana.com.

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That’s logical certainly but I don’t think you can get the three months trial unless you are a Audirvāna account holder. The Qobuz Direct trial is 30 days only. Antoine will know what to do so he hopefully gets three months.

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My first logical step was to contact Qobuz. Unfortunately, once I enter my email, it switches to French and there is no way to switch it to English except anonymously.

So I went to Audiophile Style forums and they suggested I come here.

Anyway, I sent an email to support@audirvana.

Thanks for the replies.

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I am an Audirvana account holder. I signed up for one year Audirvana subscription.

Yes, you cannot get the 3 month Qobuz deal except through Audirvana. Qobuz does not offer such a voucher.

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I don’t understand your problem.

  1. Delete your old Qobuz account
  2. Create a new Qobuz account from the Audirvana Studio app using “get voucher” button. If still redirects you to Qobuz France clear browser cache and cookies. You can have 3 months trial only if you subscribed to Audirvana Studio for a year. If still can’t use the trial email Qobuz - they answer fast.

Believe me, I have tried. And as I have said, I have a one year subscription. I’ll see what Audirvana has to say with my support request.

An answer from Qobuz has now been given on the AS forum.


I am happy to say, I am now streaming Qobuz. I was able to apply the 3 month special voucher that Audirvana offers to their one year subscribers.

If you are an old Qobuz customer from the USA, with a French account, here is what I had to do:

First, I had to go to Qobuz support to get the account changed to USA. There is no way you can do this yourself. No way Audirvana can do this.

I was not able to use the code directly on the Qobuz account web site. It said it was an invalid code.
I went back into Audirvana, and from there I was able to use the code.

I’m all set now. Streaming Qobuz from Audirvana as we speak.

Thanks for all the replies.


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