Qubuz Voucher Offering One Month Trial NOT Three Months

I’m in the UK and followed the audirvana three month trial voucher link to register and get offered one month:

“Enjoy a free 1 month trial with no strings attached.”

What am I doing wrong?! I would very much like three months three as understood to be the deal!


As explained on the Audirvana site, the 3 month offer is not applicable in the UK or US.
Here’s the relevant page:

I was disappointed too (and am also in the UK), but them’s the breaks. :wink:
Personally, I am perfectly happy that I signed up to Qobuz and bought the licence for Audirvana. I’m sure that you would be too. :slight_smile:

If it’s any consolation, Qobuz have recently reinstated their yearly payment plan, which effectively gives you 12 months for the (monthly) price for 10 months. So if you go for that you could consider it as getting two months free.
Or something…