Qudelix 5K not recognized by Audirvana


I just received my new DAC, a qudelix 5K. It works fine with my android phone and with the Qobuz application on my PC, when I plug it in, but not with Audirvana. It just does not see it. Could anyone help me please ? Thank you.

Actually it is working now when I select Wasapi but not Asio or Kernel, where it is not recognized. This is weird.

No that is not weird.

For ASIO you need to install the ASIO driver (if available) for your DAC. It should be provided by qudelix. You probably can find it for download on their website.

WASAPI is a native part of Windows, so you do not need drivers for that.

I looked on the qudelix site and noticed that the 5k DAC supports up until 24 bits 96 KHZ for USB. They also state ‘no drivers needed for Windows’. That means that they probably do not provide ASIO drivers. In that case you can only use WASAPI in Windows. That is not a limitation because WASAPI (exclusive mode) bypasses the Windows sound engine and provides bit-perfect play back (just as ASIO does).

I also checked the online user manual of the qudelix 5K. It states the DAC is USB Audio class 1.0 compatible and they do not mention ASIO (or a download for ASIO drivers) at all. That means it is completely compatible with WASAPI and they probably do not support ASIO. To be sure you can always ask their customer support, but I suspect that they will give you the same information.


OK, I think you are right. This is disappointing. Thank you Andy.

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