Question about adding artwork

When I attempt to load a new image file, I get a screen that cautions me to use a 600 x 600 image. I think I have successfully uploaded 800 x 800 images and maybe larger. What does Origin do with these images: scale them down?


I’m hoping you can answer my question.

Hello @TribecaMikey,

If you put a artwork that is more than 600x600, Audirvāna Studio automatically reduce it to 600x600, we have done this to prevent the app to be sluggish when browsing as we had users with artwork of more than 600x600 (that weight 20MB which is really heavy in this case) and it was the root cause of this issue.

@Antoine. Thanks for your response; makes perfect sense. I sync to my Apple Music folder in which many albums have 1200x1200 or 800x800 artwork. It would have been a real pain in the neck if Origin had rejected oversized artwork. Accepting and scaling down is much friendlier to your users.

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