Question about using Tidal via AS

I’m listening to Tidal tracks via AS. My question is, do the play count, likes etc you do in AS feed back to Tidal to improve recommendations and such or doe that only work if you’re streaming via the tidal app?

Since AS uses Tidal API (communicates directly with Tidal servers), and does not store files on its side, all listening statistics are still collected in Tidal. And when you put Like, that track or Artist is added to Favorites on your Tidal account.

Hi @Dazza I believe what @fightality states is correct. As to a play count, that is easily checked.
Set up a Folder in your My Music Playlists.
I call my AA Tidal Played or Not and AA Qobuz Played or Not
Drag and Drop the album from Albums listing into that playlist folder and your playlist count will show as per the attached screenshot.
Once you have checked it you can either leave it there to play as a playlist or just delete the files until you have another you want to drag in and check.

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