RAM Issues?

Hello, I have 8GB of RAM and now have issues on my iMac. I am trying to reload 10TB of music off two different External HDD’s. We had the grey out of tracks issue. Prior to this issue I was receiving messages that I do not have enough memory and should close some applications. Problem is that only the Finder and Audirvana were open. Will more RAM help or do I need to “Prune” my library?

Thanks Keepee

May I ask how much of the 8GB RAM you have allocated for Audirvana tracks pre-loading?


Hi Keepee,
Not sure to understand what you are refering to with the “Grey out of tracks issue”.
The total size of your audio files (10TB) in you case has no direct connection with your memory issue, if we put aside the size of the Audirvana DB that contains links to all the audio files, but not the files themselves.
Obviously, Audirvana needs some memory space to store data from the DB on one side, and to store audio data in a buffer when playing a file.
On my side I have 16GB of memory, with 3GB allocated to audio buffer and Audirvana says that memory is used at 50%. So, with 8GB in your case, it could be a bit too small especially with a large audio buffer.

Hello Matt,
I have 2980 MB allocated.

Thanks Keepee

try to just load one HD at the time…
legacy version? so 3.5 on Mac…
load one drive, let it go, after it is done
just reboot Mac, load other half, should not be a problem…
you can easily set the buffer memory to 5gb with 8gb of memory

the buffer memory load is just when playing, not when loading library music…

Hello patifr,
I read something on a previous post and started up Activity Monitor. I loaded up 6TB of files and the monitor indicated over 8GB of memory was used of my 8GB RAM. Still had 4TB to load and the computer will not allow it. The monitor goes into the red and the file stops downloading. Budget dictates a trim over more RAM. So everything runs great 2TB from Drive and 2TB from Drive 2.

Hello patifr,

I forgot to say Thanks.

Sincerely Keepee.

I have 2 external pocket drive of 5gb each… but my library is equal maybe as 2.5gb on each external 5gb disc… the more space free on each drive is faster running then 2 drives nearly full…
so, try to set your database of 10gb… that is really big… load it maybe like mine, by letters ??? if you still got messages about loading capacity…

Hello RunSlowHome,
Thanks for responding. I will give it a try. It is a long weekend up here in Canada anyway.


Same weekend here in Montreal :slight_smile:

Hello RunHomeSlow,

My set up is the same one Music File Is 6.17TB and the other is 3.72TB. Loading up the first puts the activity monitor on our iMac in the high yellow ready to go red if you open up another application or two. I truly believe this is a RAM issue. So, my friend I have the time and do not mind trimming and experimenting. It was fine until around 250K tracks. After reading that number I actually feel a little shameful. I will keep you updated.

Sincerely Keepee

Man, 250 000 tracks and more you have… go by batch loading then…
i have i think i big library… (53000 tracks, 4400 albums) of just flac and many hires and .dsf…
but your is way bigger, so the memory is not for loading tracks into Audirvana, but for playing your tracks when loaded…

HDD are slow… not like SSD, so delete your .sqlite in Audirvana and set it up differently by letters or genre, whatever… built it slowly… when it is all loaded, the memory will not be a factor for playing your tracks… yes, if you want to upsample after, but if your are just playing all your files as bit perfect, 5gb of memory buffer out of 8gb from your Mac, you will not get bugs…

Let it load easily first, then all will be good after…

Hello RuHomeSlo,

Great advice! My only issue is the files on my torrent client then all have be updated as well. I have been setting up subfolders as you have suggested but because I have to change them in uTorrent it is an added step to two. I see I was on the right track (pun intended).

Thanks Keepee

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