Randomly start playing white noise in DLNA with Kodi

I’ve started using DLNA play with Kodi. Everything works correctly except that periodically (can be 5 minutes or 30 minutes) sound change to noise. It is very annoying at high levels as you can imagine.
It is exactly the same issue reported in this thread: Highresaudio streaming stops halfway through tracks - Devialet Phantoms
“I do however at random intervals, digital breakout with loud white noise and sometimes combined with instruments. Makes me jump out of my skin, but not too often.”

Is it in your issue list ? (my version: Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.28 (3558))

Are you playing through Kodi running on RPi?

No Audirvana (MAC) -> Kodi (Nvidia Shield) -> Home Cinema

I’ve tested latest 3.5.29 after around 10 tracks i’ve had the same issue. As the release notes talk about UPNP fix i was hoping :slight_smile:

@Damien3 It seems to be a common issue with UPNP looking at other forum:

“I have never managed to get the Audirvana UPnP working reliably with the Klimax DSM, sometimes it ends up with a huge white noise, the two are not compatible at all. So I am forced to use Roon or the Linn Kazoo instead, but I find Audirvana UPnP sounds better.”

I agree that sound is good and upscaling avoid the rate conversion on the android platform from 44 to 48…

Is there a fix planned ?

Hello @zeb, for your information the UPnP protocol is a standard protocol and works on a lot of device, the main thing that can differ is the implementation of this standard by the manufacturer of the DAC. Some manufacturer just don’t care that other services could use this standard so they just modify this implementation and restrain some function of it to only be used by their mobile app for example. (And Roon is not a good example since they use their own proprietary protocol)

I’m just wondering, why you use a Nvidia Shield between your Mac and your Home Cinema? Your Home Cinema don’t have UPnP?

@Damien3 yes exactly my amp only connect to dlna server.
Regarding compatibility do you think Kodi UPNP is not standard ? It seems to be quite generic and should have no issue with audirvana.

If your Amp have UPnP then you should connect it directly to Audirvana. I don’t know how Kodi implemented UPnP but think about a more direct approach when you talk about wireless protocols. The purpose of them is having less hardware for your data to transmit and here you have a bridge between which can be quite useless for Audirvana. The Shield is a product for video content and i think it wasn’t designed to be a UPnP bridge between Audirvana and a DAC.

@Damien3 my amp does not support output directly. It can only connect to server to grab music.
Do you understand why the stream start then go to white noise ? (I’m connected with gig Ethernet so this is not a throughput or latency issue)

This could be a cache/memory related issue.

How do you connect the shield to the AV receiver? Using HDMI? You can try with RPi and RoPieee XL running on it, if you have one lying around.

@bitracer I will try to find one but I would prefer to not add another device just to cast music.
@Damien3 another issue related to DLNA with kodi is that the sound not played from the start of the track when you hit play. I can also add that I’m upsampling to 172Khz to avoid android audio issue that upsample 44khz to 48khz…

Upsampling here is pointless as everything gets resampled to 48KHz anyway.

@bitracer No :wink: as soon are you are above 48khz the output go to 24b at 88 / 96 / 172 / 192 (validated with Vertex on the HDMI path).
So this is a really good solution to avoid that issue.

I add some more information that may help to diagnose:

  • when white noise + music start pressing pause and restart does not remove the issue, you need to stop and restart
  • bubbleupnp has no issue with the same setup with additionnal latency by going througth wifi + ethernet.

I get the same white noise. I use a Mac mini (2011) running the latest Audirvana Software connected to an Ultrarendu via a Cisco 2960 switch using Audiquest Diamond network cables. The Utrarendu is then connected to a Bryston BDA3 DAC via an Audioquest Diamond USB CABLE. I also use the Audirvana remote app on an apple ipad. This has been happening across several versions both the Audirvana and remote software. The Ultrarendu setup gives me an option of modifying the interface to connect using DLNA/UPNP controllers that do not use the Openhouse protocol. The white noise is random and Once it starts, it happens more often. only resetting all hardware, software and network devices gets it to stop. I did notice that resetting the slider in the remote app to the start of a song will temporary clear the problem.

Understood, thanks Damien.

But I am still confused why some UPnP apps works perfectly with Linn DSM (for example Asset UPnP).
I really want to use A+ because of its SQ superior, but my pre-amp/amp + speakers cost more than $60,000 and if they are blown, it would be a big deal for me.

Hello @Quinn, That is probably because Linn is not using the standardize UPnP protocol but a home made UPnP with a bit of UPnP protocol called OpenHome. since it is not the UPnP standard this would explain why you have problems with some UPnP apps.

This is the joy of an open protocol even if you think that you are fine there is tuning to be done on both side. @Damien3
Are you interested in debugging the case or do you think audivarna has no issue ?

@Damien, I have a feeling that the UPnP incompatibility between the Linn DSM streamers and Audirvana is fixed with release 3.5.30.

Did this issue get sorted out for you? I was looking to see if it’s possible to use Audirvana server on a Nvidia Shield with dlna to my preamp. It sounds like you can add Audirvana to Kodi as a addon (I didnt realize that). That would be great because I was planning on using Kodi on a NS. Also, I’m wondering if you have been able to attach a large drive or nas to the Shield with your music files and easily use them in Audivarna/Kodi.

Thanks for any info you can provide! I’d love to hear your experience with all this…I’d try it but I’ve not purchased a Shield yet…in the research phase.