Ratings and Loved functions are glitching, Help

Hey, I’d like to start by saying that as a new user (only on a trial version for now) I like this app. It’s clean has an awesome sound and pretty much every feature I’ve been looking for in a music player but before I can commit to paying for the year I have a few issues.

For me, an important thing is the rating and the love heart feature. When I’m listening to a new album I would like to rate the songs I’m listening to and tick the love heart option this makes it easier to quickly build playlists via smart playlists then I can filter songs by choosing only 5 star rated songs.
Although Audirvana does have these features the disappointing thing about it is when I rate a song I like (no matter what rating I give it) that rating does not save. It’s very glitchy. I might be doing it wrong but I’ve tried almost everything I can to ensure the ratings I give the song are saved forever.

The same glitchiness is experienced when I press the love heart.
Another disappointing aspect of the love heart feature is when I go to build a playlist there is no filter for the 'loved <3 ’ songs, which leads me to ask what’s the point of having that little love heart next to the track and albums.
The love heart feature reminds me of OG iTunes I used to love that feature it made building playlists so easy.

Can the devs please fix this? Is there a proper way I should be using these features?

Many thanks.

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Hello @nacho92,

Are you using the MacOs or Windows 10 version of Studio when you have those issues?

This option is not available for the moment but we will think about it for future update of Studio.

Hey @Antoine ,

I’m using the MacOs Big Sur version 11.4 though I need to upgrade It. I’ll try this and see if it makes a difference.
I’m also using Audirvana Studio On trial.

P.S. Yes that feature mentioned would be really cool to have. No pressure and thank you for the consideration.

Can you do the update to 1.6.4? We made a lot of fix in the last update.

Oh i didn’t know there was a i was using a version the devs emailed me a week ago but yes ill try that now.

Ok i’ve updated evrything and it still has the same problems some songs it will save my rating for and some songs it wont.

Iv’e noticed that its more glitchy when trying to heart and rate the song as opposed to only hearting or only rating a song. In which case it runs a little smoother. Still some songs wont allow to be hearted or rated.

Is there a connection with the file type? This is an MP3. A file that doesn’t work, is that a WAV by chance?

It seems to work 100 % with flac and apple lossless. It was glitchy with the one WAVE song I have but after 5 clicks it successfully hearted. And it’s like 80% chance of working with mp3 and AAC.

After upgrading and just now restarting my mac it’s running way smoother than before. Mainly it is failing when I rate the song and then heart it.

I have this problem too. If I mark a song with heart it is added to favourites but next time when I listen to it may or may may not be marked with heart sign. The same for radios. Also I can’t add more than 20 stations to favourites. When I restart AS just 20 remains in the list. Many problems. Also if I start a Qobuz album and mark one track with love sign all the rest display as marked even if are not. (AS 1.6.4 Windows)

Hey, DGrigorescu make sure you update ur OS and the audirvana app is up to date then restart ur computer, and as for the heart function best way to use it is from the bottom left of the app whilst listening to the song it should save consistently. Hopefully, the devs will fix the glitches tho so it’s fully operational on the tracks list.

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