Reading stop and skipping to next

Track plays a few minutes and then skip to the next track, using streaming with Qobuz and With LOCAL Librairy too !
That happens since I connected with Qobuz ( before I used only local librairy).
The skip happens when using network wifi.
That happens with 3.5 and I m testing now the studio: same !!!
I am not technical at all.
It seems that this issue was reported previously; but what is the way to solve it ?

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So folks can help you as best possible, please post your debug information here, It is found under the Audirvana drop-down menu at the top left of the application screen… Remove personal info about your computer and IP address of your router…

WiFi is not perfect and susceptible to interference which can interrupt the signal flow… If you can wire your computer via Ethernet to your router, you may have a better experience…

Start by simplifying your system down to a basic connection from your computer to your DAC, if playback is normal, then you know for sure it is your network connectivity that is causing the problem… Others here are more experienced with Qobuz streaming…

Disable Qobuz to see if it still happens. That would confirm your diagnosis.

Done but same

So it’s not that. Can you paste the debug info here?

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