Refund for v3.5

I’m very disappointed with Audirvana. With this subscription move and poor support of 3.5, Audirvana is the worst software I ever used. If its cost was 20 Euro I wouldn’t complain, but it’s 100. I find v3.5 to be underdeveloped and missing major functions. Not going to rant about LastFm scrobbling, and how it was promised years ago, but why on Earth they don’t have the album sorting by year is beyond me. And now with AS out, chances that 3.5 will be fine-tuned are poor, and I don’t want to wait for a grace from heaven anymore and want a refund!


Tough Luck. You dont buy a new car or tv then a new version/model comes out and your entitled to a refund. Since when does that happen in any other Consumer business? There is your answer my friend

Yeah, I know all that, but they promise to add and fix stuff, which never happens, and it makes people angry! If that’s their attitude I want a refund, and no matter if I’m gonna get it, they should know what people feel about them. Somebody, explain to me how they could not add sorting by year? Scrobbling requests are incoming for ages now, and it’s still not there, while even free software has those features. And all that happens for our 100 euro. SQ they say? Audirvana doesn’t sound better than Foobar. Somebody explain that to me and maybe I’ll understand and say that this is how it should be :slight_smile:


I wouldnt hold your breath for a refund mate.

Hi Gudok

I can see you are a bit frustrated with AS. I’ve been with Audirvana a while and my experience Damien does come back with questions and solutions. All taking time, of course. AND I am always impatient to get a solution to my Music Player of choice.

Contact [email protected] if you have immediate needs.

Message me if I can help.


When you buy a new car, it comes with a warranty for a certain time frame.


But if you buy a different car its a different warranty. 3.5 and Studio are Different and correct me If I am wrong but no one has bought Studio yet. (Subscribed sorry)

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That’s not the point.
To continue your analogy… you bought car 1 which comes with warranty. Shortly the model for car 1 is no longer sold, you still have your warranty for repairs. Then you leased car 2 (newer model). It is a new product with its own warranty. But your car 1 warranty is still in place for a period of time and you can reasonably expect service and maintenance.


You need to learn some manners.


If someone does not agree with you, you play the bored card? Very mature.


What, for showing a bit of logic? He knows the answer and so do you. I bought 3.5 in October myself and have the intelligence to realise how it works. Like I originally said. Its Tough Luck im affraid

Good luck with your circular answers. Have a nice day ‘mate’.


What are you on about? He will not get a refund, likewise I bought mine (3.5) in October. Im not whinging because I know the answer also. So your point is? My answer is Factual Refund = No

With all due respect Im not the one posting silly car warranty scenarios, merely in a hope of trying to fashion some sort of change in refunds.

Someone buys Call of Duty then a new one comes out, You dont get a refund for the old one but you still get support for the old one. So whats your point? No different.

Why did you buy it? (20)

I bought it as a popular audiophile solution. Apart from the SQ I wanted a nice UI, which was definitely better than Foobar2000. I didn’t like it much during the trial period for its slow UI and limited library organizer, but I was willing to support and was willing to wait for it to be fine-tuned. But a while passed, nothing changed, and they put out a bloated monster of AS with built-in podcast to justify the subscription.

Audirvana Studio has nothing to do with Audirvana 3.5. You purchased Audirvana 3.5.

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Some people just dont seem to listen Jim.