Reinstalling after 3.5

Hi all. During May 2020 I subscribed to Audirvana 3.5, installed it on my computer and started to use it. Due to some technical issues I was experiencing and a degree of incompatibility in my equipment I decided to stop using Audirvana and removed it from my system.
I have recently completely upgraded my system and yesterday evening I tried to download Audirvana and try again. I could not find any download facility on the website other than a free download of Audirvana Studio. In mild desperation this is what I’ve done and its now running fine on my desktop (iMac running macOS Big Sur v.11.5.2).

My problem is what do I do when the ‘Free’ period runs out. I still have my original Invoice and digital key from my initial purchase so will I be able to just insert it and carry on with the ‘Studio’ version?

Audirvana Studio has a subscription instead of owner model. Until the end of this month there is still a discount for the first year.

For existing customers of Audirvana 3.5, you can download 3.5 following those links:

3.5 Windows 10
3.5 MacOs

So for Studio you cannot use the digital key and invoice. The 3.5 version will continue to work and will also be functionally maintained. New features will not be added.

Hi Jacob, thanks for the response. Are you saying that 3.5 is a version that is not continuing? Which means the money that was paid last year for an on-going service is not valid any more?

Much has been said about it on the forum. With many dissatisfied reactions about the fact that a few weeks or months after purchasing a lifetime license, the software is no longer being developed.

Audirvana 3.5 will continue to work on compatible hardware/OS. Nothing has changed.

But Audirvana Studio has the future. I did a one-year license myself to see how AS develops next year. Then I’ll decide if it’s worth it.

Hi Jacob,
I think I will follow your lead. I presume that at the end of the free period I will be given the option of continuing at a discounted rate for this year. I can, like you, make my mind up next year if its worth continuing. I do admit though, the Studio versions does function better on my system than the 3.5 version which I had problems with previously.
Thanks again for the information.

This discount will be until August 31

Hello everyone,
:uk: Since in this summer period, many of you had not taken notice of the end of the introductory offer on July 31, we decided to extend it until the end of August. The preferential offer reserved for Audirvāna customers is therefore still accessible from your account (which is created at the start of the trial). Thank you.

Hi Jacob,
I think I may have spoken too soon. The Studio version was running fine this morning but, unfortunately, doesn’t want to play this afternoon. It’s outputting a very jerky, juddering stream which is totally unlistenable.
It’s not my system as the Qobuz app is running fine as is the Mac Music app. I seem to remember having these problems last year. I don’t know why but I do not intend spending too much time and money trying to get it to work.

Hi Linnovice,

You are right :wink:
I think it’s better to spend your time listening to music than fiddling around endlessly trying to get it to work or gain the last tenth percent of sound quality.

I don’t use UPNP myself, but there is indeed still something to gain if the forum is to be believed. An option has been added. “Do not use RAW PCM” for problems with with UPNP.
Maybe this will help.

Updates are released quite regularly. You could try again in a few months.

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