Release note 2.0 update Audirvāna Studio and Audirvāna Origin

Following yesterday’s 2.0 update of Studio and Origin, here is the change log of the version:

  • Chromecast Support added: You can play to any Chromecast device, or group of devices located in different parts of your home (multi-room).

  • Universal Gapless playback added: you can enable the option and force gapless playback even if your UPnP device is not gapless.

  • Audio Scan updated: evolution of the HD Analyzer, you can now get more information on your tracks even about non Hi Res recordings.

  • Device-specific settings: upsampling and output settings are now automatically saved and linked to the output device.

  • UI update: Alphabetical shortcuts are now available.

  • UI update: Start view can now be changed (in settings, appearance page).

  • UI update: Source list order can be edited (in settings, appearance page).

  • UI update: Audio settings, ‘technical player’, edition tools & shortcuts have been revamped.

  • Login window: account login now uses the system browser to allow use of password manager for one click login.

  • Added Artist, Album, Playlist extended actions accessible from the “…” button (e.g. add to play queue, to playlist).

  • Compatibility with new Remote App Tablet mode update (coming soon).

  • Fix Ogg FLAC files loading.

  • Save History tracks list columns position.

  • Fix Local artist Playlists request to avoid displaying duplicate results.

  • Shuffle playback: clicked track is correctly the first one to play.

  • Remove unwanted white border when starting with window maximized.

  • Other minor fixes.