Release note Audirvāna Studio 1.13

Following today’s update of Studio, here is the change log of this 1.13 version:

  • NEW: TIDAL Autoplay: Playback continues like a radio after the last played track of the play queue, if it is a TIDAL track.
    This can be deactivated in the Streaming page of the Settings.

  • Qobuz: read multiple artists information for albums and tracks

  • Qobuz: higher security authentication method linked to the Audirvāna account (No need to relog on Qobuz when switching to another computer)

  • TIDAL: fix myMix tracks retrieval

  • Offline mode: fix switch to offline mode without exiting the application

  • CueSheet: loosen syntax check, falling back to single track in case of incorrect/missing INDEX line

  • Audio devices: handle nicely case where no audio device is connected

  • Other minor fixes

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