Release notes Audirvāna Studio 1.99.18

The 1.99.18 update is now live, with the following changes:

  • Audirvāna account login now uses the system browser to allow use of password manager for one click login
  • Audio Scan: improve results readability
  • Chromecast stereo pairs recognized as such
  • Fix Ogg FLAC files loading
  • Save History tracks list columns position
  • Audio Settings UI update, including key shortcuts to open help and close popups
  • Other minor fixes

Thanks Damien.

I can confirm that my Chromecast pair wake up at the same time, compared to each one separately like in previous versions of AS.

I’ve now started a long playlist of favorite Qobuz tracks to see if the bug has disappeared as well that at the end of a random track AS would just stop playing.

And it still randomly stops playing at the end of a track.

What jumped out at me instantly is the sound quality compared to the previous beta. I use the dsd 128 r8brain oversampling (no cracks even at 256 at 0 dB volume input). Thank you so much!

Everything is snappier and easier, DAC settings are saved, fantastic sound : great job !

Still not a fan of r8brain in my systems. But any news of continued improvement of sound is always welcome news : )

Great news, although I get the impression this isn’t universally the case?