Remember DAC settings and display only best available quality

Hi all,

I’d like to suggest two improvements to Audirvana:

  1. Please remember/save each DAC’s settings. It is a bit annoying to have to remember to manually change upsampling configs depending on where I decide to listen to music. If someone has a workaround for this, it will be much appreciated.

  2. An option for Audirvana to only display content at the highest available quality. If my library has an album in MP3, and TIDAL/QoBuz/whatever has it in both CD and MQA quality, only return the MQA version, so we’re always getting the maximum of our systems.

Best regards, Ed

I think I have the same problem:

I have 2 DACs connect to my Mac:

  • Multichannel 7.1 DAC (Arcam AVR 750) that doesn’t support DSD at all.
  • Stereo DAC (Topping E30) that supports DSD over PCM 1.1

I would like the DOP setting to be saved/remembered per DAC. It looks like it’s a global setting.

  • When I select my stereo DAC I have to select the DSD Over PCM 1.1 native DSD playing method.
  • When I select my multichannel DAC, I have to select Convert to PCM

I would like this setting to be saved for each DAC. Currently each time I change the native DSD playing method, the DAC parameter is applied to all DACs.


Hi @Damien3, could the DACs remember their settings?

Best regards, Ed

Hello @Eduardomec it’s not the DAC that need to remember those settings, it’s Audirvana. What you describe in this suggestion is to have the possibility to create setting presets that you would be able to save, am I right?

It would be really useful if Audirvana could link settings to the chosen DAC. I had a DAC that performed best with audirvana upsampling at maximum. And a DAC which performed best with bit perfect. When switching I had to change the settings every time.
When someone switches between the speakers and headphones with DAC, other settings are also optimal.

That’s absolutely right. One of Audirvana’s key value propositions is networked playback through UPNP. and locally as well. However, this requires the user to remember to change the DAC settings whenever the playback DAC changes. This is inconvenient given that the target sample rates change between DACs.

If we can save pre-sets across our DAC portfolio, this problem would be eliminated for a substantial user base.

Cheers, Ed

I would also really love to see this feature.

I switch between UPnP and a USB-DAC.

  • UPnP: No VST

  • USB: VST for headphone correction

When switching I have to manually activate/deactivate VST section. This would be easy to remember per Output device by Audirvana. It makes total sense to have different settings stored per output device that change automatically when selecting the output device.

I also would very much like to see this implemented. I need to set different upsampling and MQA settings per DAC. I cannot set this on the remote control application so i have to go downstairs to my PC to change the settings every time i change the playback DAC, so it is VERY inconvenient to do that.

Cheers, Christian