Remote 4.0.2 crashes

Hi @Antoine

Suddenly, (this fabulous app) no updating in past week on computer or Remote and this app now does not complete start-up.

Crashes and says wait until developer…

Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy Fold 3

Opens to this screen:

Then goes to this:

I signed up for Beta again to see if I can get a working remote.


P. S. Beta does not work either.

[I hate saying this, but I’ve reverted to using Splashtop as a (reasonable) backup solution. But how I miss the convenience of the Remote App.]

the remote was updated last week or 2 weeks ago maybe…
maybe your phone updated it and you did not notice… now you have a bug, sorry.

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Literally just got it working… No idea what is different. Maybe the wifi.

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Hi @RunHomeSlow

I’m back up and running, although it is runni g a bit erratically. Not sure why. No updates, no automatic updates, running 4.0.2.

This may be my set-up but it is irritating. Took me three reboots to get it running this morning after weeks of perfect playing.

Running AO with remote is so much easier.