Remote app not pausing music

I have 2 registered versions of Audirvana running one on a mac desktop and the other on a mac laptop.
The laptop recognises my cambridge audio CXN streamer on the network . Playing music to the streamer sounds pretty good . One glitch is the Audirvana app on an ios phone recognises the content on the laptop and is able to start and search for music on the streamer but the pause control is inoperable .
another question on the desktop machine audirvana does not recognise the CXN

Dear Harry,

I risk myself to a suggestion about an often overlooked aspect of setting up a DAC to work with Audirvana.

When you connect your DAC or Streamer to your Mac Desktop, it may be useful to check Audirvana’s audio settings “Device” / “For bridge devices connected to DAC” to reflect the maximum sampling rate your DAC or Streamer is able of.
Mac users should also bear in mind that Mac OS has a limit to 192KHz for that setting, even if the DAC or Streamer is able to deal with higher frequencies.

As far as I am aware, your Cambridge Audio CXN plays tracks encoded up to 96KHz. In your case, this is the value it should be setup to.

Hoping this helps

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