Remote app showing album artwork with RPI

I’ve got used to having a Raspberry Pi running RopieeeXL, with a small touchscreen attached to display the track I’m playing in Roon all the time.

The good news is that I am migrating away from Roon to Audirvana! I wonder if there is any way to replicate the functionality I have, which is a display showing the album art & track info sitting on my hifi rack. It has a touchscreen too, so if I want to pause or skip tracks while I’m standing, I can.

I can see that an iPad on a stand would be one expensive way to do this but I’ve spent all my money on a new local setup to get the best out of Audirvana, so wonder if there’s a cheaper way, somehow.

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Hi @gingerbrown,

I’m not familiar with RopieeeXL but can it run a remote display program like Teamviewer to connect to your Mac or Windows computer?

Hi Antoine, thank you for your reply! It looks like Teamviewer could work, thank you.


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Teamviewer was a non-starter actually, as the remote screen was too small & pixelated when viewed on the Pi touchscreen.

I’ve thought about buying an iPad & putting it on a stand on my hifi rack but when I tested this last night, the portrait Mini Player view is not optimised to show a nice big view of album art & track title. Rather, it is scaled to a size which will make it unreadable on a 9.7 iPad screen from across the room.

Is this the only Mini Player view available?

Can you do a test and go on the album when you are using the Remote on iPad and tap on the album cover? Do you now see the album cover this way?

Thank you for replying Antoine. I just tried this & the album cover is not active so nothing happens when I tap it.

In case my previous message was not precise , here are screenshot of it:

The album view

after a tap on the cover

“Now playing” view, to be useful to me, shows track info & progression as well as album art.

I was using the Mini Player view as a starting point for this in my test.

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So is the feature I’m looking for not available?

It is not available but I genuinely thought it was :sweat_smile:

I will ask our dev about it.

Thanks Antoine! It would be awesome if the app behaved in a similar way in the Mini Player mode as it does on my iPhone. In this case it shows album art, track information and the track progression.

Hi @Antoine,

Did you get an answer on this?

Best wishes,

Hi @gingerbrown,

Sorry for the late reply. I sent the request to our dev and since we have one big project for the Remote currently ongoing, we can’t deviate from it. However i can assure you we will add a way to better see the album art in the Remote.

Hi @Antoine,

Thank you for your reply about this.

I’ll wait to buy a 9.7 iPad Pro for this purpose until later then…