Remote App slow

Maybe it’s my perception but it seems that the remote app for iOS is extremely slow or non-functioning when it comes to detecting new media added to local libraries. Rebuild Indexes also seems to be non-functional. When that is selected a message appears quickly and “OK” but nothing new is added. I added 5 new albums to my NAS today and AR still does not see them hours later.

The Settings Local (see image) seems to be lifeless.

Other apps I use (Bluesound, ROON, JPlay) sees them just fine after syncing.

Using Remote with Studio for Synology.

Hi @Signal2Noise,

Can you go into the Audirvāna settings and in the My Account section? You will see a ‘Start Log Session’ button; click on it and reproduce your issue. After you reproduce it, click 'Stop Log Session’ and send me the log you can find by clicking the 'Open Log Folder’ button. YOu can send it at

Thanks. I will do that and send when I get some time.

[edit] File sent 22:04 MST. Hope it helps!

Still no progress of getting media library updated with new albums.

If anyone is following this thread…

Turns out even though the AS for Synology app is shown as “Running” in DSM Package Centre, I stopped it then re-ran it. Once running again the Audirvana Remote app successfully re-indexed and populated/discovered the new additions to the local libraries. It seemed like the Synology package needed a ‘kickstart’ to be functional again.