Remote app wont see computer

I have a very new HP Win10 solid state laptop with 12gigs of ram.
I have an andriod Phone 3 years old - tablet fairly new as well 3-4 years… I dont buy anything cheap- middle of the road or better…
I just downloaded audirvana. I put the remote app on my phone and was quite excited with the user interface and ability of app to control the program. It connected to the computer with out issue.
The only reason I put it on my phone was cause my andriod tablet was not near. I would rather the large screen on tablet…
So I grabbed my tablet and down load the remote app… after dozens of attempts the app on the tablet just simply will not see the computer. I have uninstalled and reinstalled almost half a dozen times now on both platforms and this tablet and computer simply wont talk to each other in regards to audirvana. I have even uninstalled the app on phone and tried only with tablet and still nothing.
After all that, I have unin/reinstall on phone and bam no problem just sees the lap top and it works without issue.
Is there an issue with the computer app here where it only accepts one remote app? Its basically seen the app on the phone and thats it no more remote other than that one.
I cant figure this out …
Any advise would be great.

I’ve answered your other post on this, here: