Remote does not connect on Windows 10

I am on the trial. I need 3 things to work before I can commit to buy.

  1. Remote mobile connecting to Windows 10. I don’t understand why this does not work, it should be a no brainer: private network, Windows Firewall is allowing Airvana, On private I can see both inbound and outbound rules allow Airvana Origin. Mobiles and Windows 10 laptop are on the same SSID. Is there anything else?
  2. I am able to connect to a DAC, and play MQA file. The DAC tells me that yes, the file is MQA and the frequency, but…why is Airvana Origin not showing this? Or am I missing this? Roon shows this very nicely.
  3. Key shortcuts. . I am only finding the space bar. Are there any other key short cuts on Windows? Where are they documented. The main ones I need are back and forth, like CTRL-Left Arrow and CTRL-Right Arrow on Roon. And Ctrl-F to search. I can’t be the only one needing this.

Also, is there any user documentation beyond the initial visual clues on the app?

Also, how does it work if I buy one license but I want to run on multiple computers?


Are you able to see your computer on the Remote or not at all?

Does your device is a MQA Renderer or Decoder?

Some of them have not been enabled (Like Ctrl-F) but will be in a future update of the app. We will communicate about them when they will be activated.

Look for the i icon you will see in the app when you open a setting for example and you will get a lot of information directly inside the app.

You can install Audirvāna Origin on the number of device you want but your account can be connected on only one at a time.

Intermittently the name of my computer showed up twice, but both times when I clicked on it, it complained that they are not on the same network.

My DAC is a Decoder.

And no equalizer?

Does your Remote is on a Android or iOS device?

If you have a DAC that is “MQA decoder” then, you can select MQA decoder. That means that no audio processing done in Audirvana, as the DAC is doing all of the MQA decoding.

It will display the MQA logo next to your DAC sample rate at the bottom right of Audirvāna.


You can use any VST3 (Windows) or Audio Unit (MacOS) as an equalizer with our software.

You can find more about how to install one and some examples here:

Thank you.

Android. I would like to use my mobile and a tablet for remotes, both are Android.

Thank you, will try tonight.

Have you tried to clear the cache of your App before trying to connect again. Here is how to do this:

Hi Antoine,

I have been enjoying my trial and I am down to a single annoying problem: unable to move back and forth via the keyboard. I have a keyboard with media keys, but it only works on the Windows 10 default music player - which Audirvana cannot be set to, seems like a nonstandard Windows application.

I saw the Ctrl-F for search which is really great, but what about keys for back and forth?

Thanks again,

Which keyboard are you using?

Logitech k400 Plus

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If you added Alt-Left/Right or Ctrl-Left/Right, it would work with any keyboard. Is this difficult/problematic?

No it’s not actually really difficult/problematic and we are taking a look at it.

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