Remote fails to work intermittently

This is starting to ruin my enjoyment of Audirvana!

Given I have the Audirvana app open on my iPhone 12, running the latest version of iOS
And I have switched apps, or pressed the right hand button to turn off the screen
When I switch back to Audirvana Remote I get varied results:

Sometimes I have to wait for some seconds for a connection;
Sometimes it just hangs on finding a connection & I need to restart to reestablish connection;
Sometimes I need to reselect the computer;
Sometimes it just works.

It doesn’t just work enough for me to put up with this any longer, so I’m writing this post.

My phone is connected to Wi-Fi on one switch
My Mac Mini is connected to a separate, dedicated switch. The two switches are connected, so are part of same network.

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Hi @gingerbrown

I appreciate your comme t. Just came home and the “sometimes won’t connect” drama carried on u til I rebooted EVERYTHING GOD DAMN IT!

Very annoying.

But I still love it.

So what if I have to muck around every two or three weeks for five minutes.

Still… !!!..



Hi philipjohnson,

Thanks for sharing your experience. This should just work. It’s not rocket science.

Best wishes,

Hi Jason

I think, given my VAST experience in life of tech, that the problem might be the thousands of set ups all trying to be negotiated by one quite complicated software package… even the magnificent animal/human body, for all the similarities, are reacting differently (sometimes quite) and yet we manage to survive and thrive because we adapt.

Tech, as yet not AI driven, cannot adapt.

Saturday morning in Sydney musings.
Listening to Malcolm Arnold Divertimento No. 2 Op. 24/Op75 for orchestra, after having to reboot my AO remote on my phone.


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Remote fails to work intermittently

I would hope it fails to work intermittently.
Much worse if it intermittently fails to work.

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I have experienced the same behavior, however, I am reasonably convinced that it is not an Audirvana issue as such, at least in my system. (I was a professional network guy for quite a few years.) I agree with the others who suggest rebooting everything in the chain. In my case i upated the firmware of my wifi access points and so far that seems to have helped as well. My guess is that it was more of an iPhone networking issue than an Audirvana problem. FWIW and YMMV of course.