Remote issues in Windows 10

The remote usually connects and works well for me in Windows 10. However, there are a few nagging issues:

The iOS Audirvana Remote won’t stay paired to the laptop once the Audirvana Remote app is not in focus. Let’s say, for example, I’m on the Now Playing screen. If my iPad screen goes off (or to a different app) for more than a few seconds, when I tap the Audirvana app again, it has to reconnect to my PC, displaying the main reconnect screen shown in the first screenshot below.

Not only does it have to reconnect, it won’t go back to where I was. Instead of going back to the Now Playing screen (if that’s where I was before) it goes to the home screen, meaning I have to reacquaint the app to where I want to be every time I pick up my iPad, like “50 First Dates” or something. Maddening.

This all may have something to do with the fact that there are no settings to enable Background App Refresh with the Audirvana app for the iPad. In fact, as you can see from the second screenshot below, Audirvana has no presence in the iPad Settings at all — neither the primary app Settings list on the left or the Background App Refresh list on the right.

Also in the iOS app: If I tap on an empty queue, the app crashes.

One last thing: If I finish a session and put the computer to sleep, as often as not, the Audirvana iOS Remote will not reconnect when I wake the computer up, even though the Audirvana PC app is the only app open on the PC, and the only app I use on this particular PC. I have to close and reopen the Audirvana PC app, or reboot the PC.

Hello @BitPerfect,

Thank you for your precise feedback. Which version of iOS are you using on your iPad?

Hi Damien,

Thanks for responding. I’m on iOS 13.2.3. The issues also occurred on 13.2.2.

@bitperfect thank for the feedback.

Same issue here.

I’am using audirvana and A+ with mac mini or macbook pro many years and this work fine no problems.

When I connect mij iPhone with a+ to a windows 10 audirvana set-up , in same network environment, similar issues , also can’t control start stop or switch to next track.
any advise is welcome

best regards Jos

Hello @Jos1, when you are on your windows 10 version of Audirvana. Are you able to control start/stop and the possibility to switch to the next track? What DAC do you have to listen to your music?

Thanks for the email and question

regarding you’re question, yes at the windows pc with audirvana , it is possible to start / stop and select next track.

For music playback we use a Hegel H90 amplifier with integrated DAC (? asahi kasei ?)

in addition:

When I connect the macbook pro in this network and select te Hegel DAC from audirvana , the played music is awesome no problem at all . Remote A+ is also working fine in this setup.

When we switch over to the windows pc and use my iPhone with A+ we can only select a track and start playing.

Start / stop back or forward per track give no response , the only work around to stop playing is to empty the play-queue by hand (select tracks and remove).

Last try : at the windows pc the option memory compression is enabled, this cost some overhead from the processor.

so i disabled the compression by de command Disable-MMAgent -mc in the powershell (as administrator) and reboot the pc.
Audirvana runs no problem.
A+ does not work at all.

The situatie become worse.

at last : the windows pc is a 250 ssd with 4 gb memory , and yes i know the is not optimal configuration.

Best regards , i hope you can advice or point in a right direction to solve this.

mvg Jos

Thank you for this precise feedback. Since you have 4 Gb of memory, can you change your audio buffer in your DAC audio settings in Audirvana? That would probably your Windows to transmit data to your DAC.

changing the audio buffer works fine.
set this at minimum no improvement , set this to max no improvement.
A+ won’t response correctly.

to eliminate some issues with the windows desktop pc ,
i started with a fresh window 10 installatie
and after this apply all windows updates, this is done on a 4 gb notebook.

After the installatie , i’ll downloaded ad installed audirvana for windows.
put some track on the local disk and connect this setup to my soundbar.
everything is working fine no problem at all. Play for several hours music.

But when i use the A+ remote on my iPhone or iPad the same behaviour
occurred, it is not possible to tap track forward or back
when i swipe left or right at the album picture sometimes de next or previous track is selected, and the track previous or next start working for a while.

When i select the playqueue I can tap trough the tracks and select one to play.

In a few days we wil swap the desktop for a new-one and start with 8Gb memory
In my opinion is this the bare memory minimum for a audirvana windows setup.

keep you posted

best regards Jos

I am using a Audirvana Win10 4G RAM and the Remote on iPad. Same connection dropout problem when the ipad goes into sleep mode I.e. screen off. Could only reconnect by exiting the Win10 app and restarting again. Set the ipad never going to sleep I.e. screen always on, I am able to keep the Remote connection active for 2-3 hours. You could try. Looks likely a Audirvana Win10 issue.

Dear PWu the swap from 4 to a 8 Gb Win10 desktop solves the problem no dropout , A+ in working fine now.