Remote or Audirvana Pauses Song 1 Second Before End

I’m using a macbook pro, wired to my router via ethernet, with Audirvana up to date. Using the Audirvana app to control Audirvana on the macbook pro.

I am using UPNP via Audirvana on the macbook pro to send Quoboz to my Naim Superuniti which feeds Focal Sopra 1’s.

The issue is that whatever album I select, Audirvana will only play one song, it ‘pauses’ exactly one second before the end of the track and will not progress to the next track. The funny thing is, that the Audirvana app is not actually paused, it seems to be frozen, again one second before the playing track finishes so it will not proceed to the next song.

Any ideas on how to listen to a whole album without having to manually skip to the next song?

I’m expecting to get the response ‘contact Naim as there must be a bug in their UPNP’ Incorrect, I am now using BubbleUPNP and Kazoo both being free and working flawlessly, I will be receiving a refund from Audirvana.

Use BubbleUPnP or Kazoo. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

The reality is that there is quite a bit of variation in UPnP implementation from various manufacturers and software developers. This obviously creates problems.

Telling you to contact the manufacturer is not inherently wrong, it’s just that hardware manufacturers are notoriously slow in fixing issues.

Many software makers developed a series of workarounds over the years to adapt to differences in implementations. Audirvana has been late to the UPnP game. It will take some time to reach the level of support of the more established players. But who knows, by becoming a de-facto standard, manufacturers might start to test for compatibility with Audirvana.

That’s a lot of words without really saying anything. Does Audirvana explicitly state the manufacturers that their product does not work on? I couldn’t find anything.

Hello @nick2413, we are in contact with Naim regarding those issues that a lot of Naim user have with Audirvana. Some manufacturer have a poor implementation of network standards. Since their main focus is not on network this explain why some of them have those problems.

As a workaround until this gets fixed, have a look at Allo DigiOne: