Remote stops connecting

The connection of Audirvana remote to my desktop drops out after about 5 minutes of not using it. That’s annoing. I then have to start Audirvana in the computer again. I use Audirvana Remote on AN iPad.
Any suggestions?
Many thanks in advance.

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Same issue happens for me all the time.
To be more specific:

Audirvana Version 3.5.38 installed on x64 system Windows 10 home Version 2004 Most updated .NET Frame work (KB4552925) Most updated Adobe Flash Player (KB4561600) CPU intel i7-6500 16GB of RAM, Set as private network and Firewall allowed Audirvana access.

Remote side Audirvana Remote Version 2.3 installed on iPad 10.2 128GB RAM, IOS 13.5.1

Both connect to Same 5G WiFi

This remote disconnection happens more often especially when you browse something on safari or open other APP on the IPad side. But even if you keep iPad open and audirvana remote as the only open App this disconnection still happens time to time. For the windows side for the best Audio experience I always close other program and only opens Audirvana(of course I understand windows will always have background activities) and the only solution when disconnection happened is close the Audirvana in Windows then restart it again. This troubles me a lot, at first I always close the screen on the laptop/PC hope it can be use as headless as my Mac mini system but now I been force to keep screen And mouse open/connect all the time because this disconnection issue. I almost give up on the remote function on windows System before future updates comes. With Mac mini I even didn’t connect to screen Keyboard and mouse and only use Audirvana Remote and Iconnect.

Most my friends move to Roon. I might be the few old believers in my music lover Line chatting room (Around 625 music lovers share good albums, tracks or artiest on daily basics )still stick with Audirvana and try to tell others sound is the only thing matters. But after most of my friend tried both Audirvana and Roon, 80% of them chose Roon just because of the searching function. (What frustrates me is most of them admit Audirvana sounds a little bit better but still choose Roon). I admit Roon is way more user-friendly in DAC setting , Strong search function which can list all the different quality files from TIDAL and Qobus let user to choose and compare through a single search , remote stability and even basic play-pause without Delay or need double click. But I do appreciate the sound quality Audirvana provide.
As an old user, I treasure those old butt pals sticks with Audirvana as I am. Without single doubt, I believe Audirvana will improve and come back to be second to none.