Remote with Hard-wired USB Connection?

I find Remote’s wi-fi connection to be remarkably spotty. If I connect my iPhone to my Mac mini via a USB cable, will remote default to the hard-wired connection? Performance does seem better when It’s hard-wired, but I’ve no way of knowing if it’s because of the USB connection. or if I’m just having a ‘purple patch’ of good wi-fi connectivity…


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The Audirvana Remote app is just that… a software app running on the iOS platform and not responsible for connectivity to your wireless LAN.

The iOS device wireless LAN hardware and core iOS system software make the connection to your network… If you have spotty wireless connectivity, look elsewhere for your problems… Wireless connectivity is not perfect and subject to interference from other wireless network signals and other radio-frequency in your proximity and electromagnetic influences… You may need to install a wireless extender access-point or a MoCA interface in the area of your playback system for best wireless connectivity.

Thank you for not answering my question.

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Difficult to say, but I doubt it.