Remove authorization in v1.5.12

I am migrating from an old Mac mini to a new MacBook Pro. I don’t want a library function so I’ve stayed for v1.5.12.

I found “FYI, in order to deauthorize a computer, you need to go to General Settings. In the General section, you will find “License” and then the option “Revoke”. When you click on the “revoke button”, you will then de-authorize the computer.”

In v1.5.12 the revoke feature doesn’t show in the Preferences, General section or anywhere else I can find.

How can I revoke the license in v1.5.12? Or do I need to when migrating to the MacBook Pro?

Audirvana Plus 1 has been replaced by Audirvana Plus 2 in 2014 and Audirvana 3 for Mac since 2017. That is the reason why it is no more maintained by Audirvana, and is not validated for macOS versions after Mavericks.

To retrieve your license file Audirvana Plus 1, the easiest way would be to find the email from Avangate (“Audirvana Plus”) that contains your license file.

Otherwise, you can redownload it directly from
You’ll need to use the email address used for the purchase and your order #
And you’ll have access to your license file on the « My Products » tab.

Thank you, exactly what I needed. I haven’t upgraded because I don’t want the use a library - can I turn or bypass that feature off in 3.5? If so I would love to upgrade.

Thank you