Reset Free Trial?

I don’t see a customer support email on your website so I am posting here.

This spring I signed up for a free trial (Studio and Origin). Unfortunately my streamer was at the time an older Auralic Aries and their UPnP does not conform to the standard so Audirvana would not work consistently. Auralic admitted the incompatibility and clearly they had no plans to fix anything. I let my trial lapse because I couldn’t use it.

I now have a new streamer from Volumio called Rivo - a brand new product for them. Frankly, Volumio software is surprisingly immature. So I’m writing to ask if I could have my trial of Audirvana reinstated so I can test it with my new hardware. I work in software so I know “standards” are not always so and I want to test Audirvana before I buy it.

Would you be able to restore my trial for Studio for use with Qobuz?

Thank you,

Hi @kukur9

Send an email to

Thay will reply.


Thanks, Phil. Will do.

You again got a product with OpenHome support, the one that Audirvana doesn’t support. The player looks nice though.

If you will not get support you can subscribe for a month (+/- 8 euros including taxes).

Okay, I give up! Don’t take this personally, it’s just life.

I have literally tried to like/use/adopt your software for a couple years now. I do think it sounds excellent, but my system is now in the land of different flavors, not absolute or imagined superiority.

My problem is that because of how my network is configured, I must use hardware and software that was designed to play together because they actually have to communicate over a network. That is the way of the software world anyway, so sticking to the majors is my only solution.

If one has time (I do not), Allo Pi type streamers and the like may work great. The only step between DIY and about US$3K is this new Volumio device, but I can say that Volumio does not go the distance. It does sound fine, however, in terms of flavors and indeed, the Rivo sound competes well with streamers I’ve had in my system up to US$2K.

Thanks for your help here.

No worries, it’s not my software. I’m just a customer of Audirvana.

It used to work with Volumio some time ago. It’s life, you can’t make everyone happy. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to flash this device with third party distro like RoPieee XL.

Since you’re obviously not happy with this device, maybe you can back out of this deal and get Allo bridge instead.

With that Rivo device and a ssd usb drive or nas I’m thinking your need for Audirvāna is redundant, I have a NAD M33 that also does the same, If your not trying to support multiple systems/listening position throughout a home I think your set without it. Looks like a really nice piece of gear, enjoy it👍🏻

Oh yeah you are correct @OffRode , to be clear, and expose myself to ridicule (not that I care too much :wink:): I’ll explain that I’m looking for that last x% of sound quality. In my experience, the last x% often translates to a much larger % of emotional engagement, so it’s worth it to me.

Rivo hardware: Seems to sound great, definitely better than the unit it replaced which is the older Auralic Aries “Femto” network bridge. The reason for using either of these instead of say, Bluesound or ProJect is AES and coax. If you’re good with USB, then done, you’re good. I wanted AES (and I’m willing to pay for it). Rivo is good hardware and even better if you’re using an excellent DC power supply (mine’s Uptone JS-2).

Whatever software on the hardware and network: I don’t have time for messing around with anything anymore. Work, wife, kid, life, all are far more important to me even though sound quality is right there close to the top in the life category. So, why Audirvana? Sound. While I do think other software is in the same sound quality ballpark (Volumio is more or less pretty good, but far from it for usability), I would subscribe to Audirvana if it worked with my hardware. It doesn’t, so I don’t. So it goes.

Thanks for the kind thoughts though! Enjoy!

Okay, Audirvana’s support team set up my trial again and said try beta 2.0 with a wink. Thank you, support! Well done! Yes, UPnP now works and I will test it out.

Thanks again, Audirvana support! I very much appreciate you letting me trial one last time so I can be sure about how things work or not. This is how support should work, cheers!


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