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Hello… happy to be told I’m in the wrong category: apologize in advance.

I bought what was then plain ‘Audirvana’ version 3.5.41 in 2020; but never really used it.

Now I want to export everything from Apple Music (né iTunes) - into Audirvana.

But things seem to have changed dramatically.

Do I have to update; buy a subscription; renew my license etc?

Please would someone who knows their way around the Audirvana world point me to a (n ideal single) source/page/site/PDF which explains the different versions of Audirvana.

I’m on macOS 13.2.1 and really only want a flexible and robust music library to store MP3s, FLAC and ALAC, MP2/MPEG4/M4a etc files in.

I don’t think I need online searching or access to Tidal etc.

In a perfect world, I’d be able to synch my desktop library with my iPhone to be able to listen ‘on the road’.

Where should I start, please?

Thanks in advance for any clarification which anyone with five minutes is good enough to offer :slight_smile: .

Thanks so much, @Jim_F,

I did get a lifetime license for 3.5 - so can I upgrade it to an Origin version that is supported?

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There was some confusion about this on another thread.
The best thing to do is send an email to
and you get an answer directly from the source :wink:

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Hi @MarkSealey,

The 3.5 and Audirvāna Origin are considered as two different software (hence why you can still use the 3.5 even if you buy Audirvāna Origin). But since you are already one of our customer, you can get Audirvāna Origin/Audirvāna Studio at a preferred price when you create your account with the mail you used for your purchase of 3.5 in the past.

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Thanks, @AndyLubke. Have done just that.

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Thanks, @Antoine !

How do I actually create an account? Is it possible I already have an account. May I ask you to check, please? I have just emailed support@.

No account have been created when you purchased Audirvana 3.5, only a license key have been sent to you.

This is why you need to create an account for Audirvāna Studio/Origin if you want to try it even if you bought Audirvana 3.5 in the past.

You can use this link to do so: Try Audirvāna - Download Now And Start A 30 Day Free Trial

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Great; I understand. Thanks, @Antoine.

Have done as you kindly direct.

Can you see my account now, please?

What is the preferred price?

Can I delete version 3.5?

Keep 3.5. You can still use it even if you have Studio or Origin next to it.


@AndyLubke - thanks. I have Origin version 2.

What would be the advantages of keeping 3.5, please; it has no data, files, music?

With 3.5 you can also stream and play Tidal and Qobuz. With Origin you can only play local files.

But no worries If you delete 3.5, you can always download it again from the Audirvana Site (legacy versions) if you want to.

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I would hope that remains the case, but I would personally download a copy now whilst it’s still available, just to be safe :wink: :+1:


Thanks, @AndyLubke I see.

At the moment, I am only planning to use local files… a replacement for Apple Music.

Does anyone know whether the price for Origin 2 for and existing/former customer, as @Antoine alluded to, is $89.99, please?

Thanks, @Jim_F - and to everyone else who’s helped me here. I have a much clearer idea of how the Audirvana world works now.

My next step is to start the Origin trial, import my files from Apple Music (although I’ve been a happy Mac user for over 40 years, the way they squashed PrimePhonic (for classical music lovers) has made me want to turn away from their Music app: I have to think Audirvana Origin 2 is much better?) and see how it all goes :slight_smile:

Again - much appreciated!


As far as I know the price for Origin is Euro 119,99 for new users.

Scroll down on the page below to see this price:

Audirvāna Origin - Subscription-free Digital Audio Player (

So, it seems that you, as an existing user, got a discount with $89,99.

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Thanks, @AndyLubke! I see what you kindly point out.

Everyone is so helpful here. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Errrr… stick around for a while :thinking: :rofl: :rofl:
Best of luck with Origin Mark. I’m sure you won’t be dissapointed :+1:



I’m already not… disappointed!

Is importing (mostly MP3) files from ~/Music/iTunes/Music straightforward?


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That’s great to hear mate :+1:

Unfortunately I’ve never had to do it, although am sure someone who has will be along shortly to give an answer.
Good luck.

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I am not a Mac (but a Windows) user myself. As far as I understand from others it should be a relatively straigthforward process. I am certain @Antoine or another Mac user can give directions. Antoine is only available during office hours (French time), so he will probably react tomorrow.