Right-click a track>Show in Finder

I do have ‘Audio File Location’ showing in various views. While it’s nice to have/know that it’s little use when I want to deal with that/those file(s).

Other player apps have this function. I would LOVE to have it in Audirvana.

You can also click a track, show info panel, then go to the last tab and there you have the path and a folder that you can click, it will open in the finder…
I’m on a Mac.

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That works! For a intermittent solution it will do - just not an ‘elegant’ Mac-like process.
I hope you don’t mind my not marking this as a Solution.

Thanks for replying, RunHomeSlow. Great name, BTW.

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Why confine your request to Macs only? On Windows systems most music (and other) programs have also right click options like ‘Open path in explorer’ or something like that. I vote for this option in Windows too :grinning:


This is so terrible slow. would be much better with keyboard shortcuts e g like in iTunes (Shift -Cmd -R)

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I agree, it is not my design :grinning:


Turns out that more times than not the location is not showing when I select a track>Edit metadata>Infos.

  1. Why not?

  2. What are the chances of right-click>Show in Finder (Windows equivalent) being implemented?

Where are located your files ?.. maybe a hard drive bug? sleeping?

Have you tried to rebuilding your database, do those 4 steps restart your Mac, then see.

All files same location - external USB drive. Some show location. Some do not.

True. So many shortcuts are missing:
Cmd-L does not work outside the used playlist
Esc for Deny
Enter for OK
Selecting files by draging the mouse over them
Every app knows these basic shortcuts, that make working with it easier.