Right. That's enough

Mon essai a expiré… je ne saurai même pas si un version 1.4 pour windows fonctionnerait mieux. Un essai prolongé automatiquement aurait permis d’attendre encore un peu mais maintenant j’attendrai qu’audirvana ma propose un nouvel essai un jour où tout fonctionnera…

Did @Antoine not say that extensions wouldn’t be granted until remote is available? Think initially he was going to make extension available last week until somebody pointed out that this would be a waste of time until remote was available, so Damien agreed and asked us to hold off till remote available before sending email

(sorry if I’ve got wrong end of stick and you know this!)

Damien3 said to send him a mail. And he’s not answering to the mails.

Ok, maybe it’s open to interpretation?

He said “That’s a good point, actually we will communicate when the Remote will be available so the easiest way would be to respond to the mail we will send and the support team will handle the trial extension.”

That to me reads like we will be emailed when remote is available and we then reply to that email requesting an extension. I assume that replying to this email is the only way extension will be granted.

But hey, who knows lol

Did he really say that?
Why everybody understood that we should send a mail to support and ask for an extension?
I’m not the only one who did it. Many sent a mail and are waiting for a reply.

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Don’t you have the impression that Audirvana go from being a friendly little company to a faceless corpo?
They probably have a strategic new investor?

But this is not music lovers world…


We were many to misunderstand.

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Yes he said that in a post before his post which said “That’s a good point…”. That is why everybody is confused. Another prime example of very unclear communication and lack of direction/vision with the company Audirvana. I know Damien tries, but I think this should be handled by his PR team (I am still more and more in doubt if there is a support or PR team).

Starting to seriously suspect that Damien is CEO, developer, software engineer, PR and support team all by himself.


Thank you. So I was not crazy.
How could he expect us to know what to do, if he makes contradictory posts on the forum, and that we may not notice all of them? :frowning_face:


Damian’s original post said

As the Remote is still in work in progress and will be available in the next couple of weeks, for everyone wanting to get a trial extension, please send us a mail at support@audirvana.com with the mail you use for your trial and we will give you 14 days extra time to your trial .

I sent an email as requested and never got a response. He later changed his mind and said.

That’s a good point, actually we will communicate when the Remote will be available so the easiest way would be to respond to the mail we will send and the support team will handle the trial extension.

I don’t think anyone would have expected the trial to expire in the interim - especially as the original announcement said that the remote would be available within the trial period.

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Perhaps he should have made the updated post a sticky. Especially if he was getting inundated with emails asking for an extension when he had explicitly said not to send request for extension until remote was available.

It’s amateurish, like all the rest.
If he makes a post and says something, people understand and react.
They have other things to do, and can not be on the site 24/7 to check if he changes his mind in a post he makes later.

This is not a way to communicate with hundreds of customers who expect a clear and comprehensive message.

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They seem to have enough time to write long or repeated messages about how unhappy they are, though. Emotions mess up priorities.
By the way, he also said it might take time to proceed.

I agree about the lack of presence on the forums, the lack of answers of the emails, there’s surely an extra staff position needed, just like I can’t imagine buying something in a store and when facing an issue under warranty the support is not reachable, unless it’s a discounter, but it’s not the case here, I didn’t buy Audirvana from Aliexpress.

I don’t get much the anger though. Except for the rare people who unfortunately were planning to buy a licence for 3.5 and found out just before doing so it was replaced with a (maybe) worse software, for the rest of us, we own our beloved full of bugs 3.5 version and it’s not going away anytime soon. If AS doesn’t work for us, we can still use 3.5 until the new software is patched. It might take time. But when were we expecting a 3.6 ? For me, no idea, 3.5 was broken, no idea whenever this would be patched either, maybe in a year. So I think it’s possible for many people to wait. Should be a reasonable goal.

You are right about emotions, but if we have seen some of it expressed here, the bulk of comments was made of reasonably expressed and well founded grievance.
It is not right to disparage that, all the more because there is no other channel to try and communicate with Audirvana about user difficulties.

Yes, some have A3.5 as a fallback. Even so, please spare a thought for those who have already paid for 1 year in advance, and who’s subscription is running as we write now, on a product that may, to them, be unfit for purpose.

How not to be unhappy, if you read a statement by Damien3, sends a mail like he told you to do, and then waits almost a week for nothing… Just to discover that he made a contradictory statement a few hours later, and that you did not see.

As for A3.5, I don’t doubt that Damien is a good guy, since I’m a customer of him since 2014.
But things are different now. He is not alone. There maybe investors that support the release of AS, he has a partner who is a businessman… So I think that we should expect Audirvana to behave as a business entity from now on. And it’s not in the interest of Audirvana to have customers who remain under A3.5, because these customers don’t provide any new revenue.

Don’t expect them to do anything that will make your life easier with A3.5. Furthermore, without being paranoid, I’ll advise you to keep a copy of your old version of A3.5, before installing any upgrade, that might, accidentally or not, shorten the life span of your existing A3.5.


So, if Damien had decided not to go with a subscription model, no one would have paid for an upgrade to Audirvana 4.0? I know I would have gladly done so.

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Agree with the OP, have signed up for another Roon trial. The simplicity of it, it works, beautifully, coupled with the brilliance of the gui… I think it’s decision made. I thought SQ may be an issue as I upscale everything to 64/384 and thought Roon lagged behind Audirvana for that, but so far it sounds sweet.

This is well worth an extra couple of pounds per month, the AS launch has been totally shambolic. I knew I had to do something when the wife said “you are always on your laptop nowadays” … It’s ridiculous that there’s still no remote app!

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Buying a license is different. I have many licensed players. For me to subscribe to a player, it should provide an excellency that others do not have.