Ropieee XL no DSD


I am using the above OS on my Allo Digione endpoint.

Audirvana outputs to it fine except for DSD64 which is shown as supported but I just get lots of hiss and faint music.

In the A+ settings I can’t find an option to use DOP for this streamer?

Can you please help?

Running Mac OS catalina and endpoint outputs to Chord Hugo 2 via Spdif.


You need to set the DoP on the bridge (on RoPieee running on the RPi).

Hi! Thanks for the suggestion. The Ropieee XL does not have that option. Looks like I’ll be restricted to PCM only.

Hi, I have exactly et the same problem. Did you finally find a solution???

No sadly not. Both software vendors were not able to help.

Did you end up using another app on the RPI ? I had tried DietPi at first but it was not detected correctly by Audirvana…