Sample rate doesn't get saved

I have an issue with my Audiotrak which leads to short stutters when trying to play anything above 48 kHz on my Mac. So in Roon and AS I’ve set the maximum samplerate to 48 kHz.

When I try this in AS 2.0 Beta it seems to save it. But when I play anything above 48 kHz (so 96 kHz or higher) it reverts back to unlimited maximum samplerate.

It doesn’t seem to keep its settings.

You mean this limitation?

Yes. When i change it and close the menu. It seems to be ok after I open the menu again. It still mentions 48 kHz as maximum samplerate.

If I play any track. Now it seems to be 44.1 kHz as well it reverts back to unlimited samplerate. It doesn’t keep its settings. AS 1.14 keeps the settings saved correctly.

Hello @sandsOfArrakis,

Can you please send a screenshot of Audirvāna Studio while you have this issue? I made a try using my computer speakers and the limitation is working as it should.

Hey Antoine,

The latest version of the beta (1.99.16) seems to have fixed the issue. The sample rate is now being saved correctly. Even after restarting AS. :grinning:

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