Sample Rate Matching from M2 Mac Mini to DAC


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It seems we are at a point to have @Antoine investigate why this is happening in Audirvana and get some feedback from Playback Designs…

Thanks for your willingness to go through the paces in-order to uncover a solution… not everybody is so willing to do so… :sunglasses: :+1:

Appreciate all of your help and time, thank you!

Hi @Dbturbo2,

If you look at your device formats, it doesn’t state it supports 16 bits, hence why you always see 24 or 32 bits being played to your track.

All that Audirvana does if it changes bit levels (16 to 24, or 24 to 32) is “zero padding.” This just means putting zeroes in the lowest bit registers. It doesn’t affect anything, any more than writing “1.00000000” instead of “1” affects the quantity. And neither does the reverse, such as when a 24-bit device is in the chain - that’s just changing “1.00000000” back to “1” again. No dither involved either way.

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When I changed the source file to 24/48, 24/96, or 24/192 the sound was normal speed but with audible distortion for each of those 3 sample rates.

What is displayed when you play these 24 bit files without up-sampling enabled? Do they play normally without distortion?

Appreciate the clarification on that, thanks Aintoine.

Yes they play normally without distortion.

It’s possible you were hearing overload clipping distortion as a result of too much gain from the upsampling processing of 24 bit files… You probably will need to lower the output volume of Audirvana by at least -6dB, in this scenario…

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