Search by recording label (specially on Tidal) would be a very welcome feature

It seems there is no way to search eg Tidal by recording label. It would be a very useful feature if I want to see all recordings published by a certain label (eg Reference Recordings just to name one)
Can you please put this in the high priority list if possible?
I has been asked before, but I didn’t see any meaningful reply (no reply at all, if I have to be honest) from the Audirvana team, who seems pretty silent in general.

In general, I find the search engine very primitive eg if I search “song X” by “artist Y” I get no matches. To find it I have to remove the “by”…

Sir, the search of Tidal in Audirvana works the same way as it does on their app, if you can’t search by labels in tidal app, you won’t be able to do this is Audirvana. We rely on the way they implement their search and the capability they let us use.