Search returns no results in Remote app

Using Remote App on Android Samsung tablet with Studio on Windows 10 dedicated music pc.

I can search Tidal/local files on my laptop for a particular band, say, and get a page of nicely-presented results.

But when I repeat the same search in the Remote App I get “No results found”.

Are you using the latest version of the Remote and Audirvāna Studio?

I just installed Studio for the first time a couple of days ago, so I presume the website gave me the most up-to-date version.

I have automatic updates set on my tablet, and no update is showing in the Play store, so I guess my Remote App is up to date as well.

Interesting, and whatever the search you are doing int he Remote, nothing is displayed as a result?

That’s right - an empty page with “No Results Found” written in the middle.

Haven’t tested it again since last restart of Studio, but will post here if anything happens.

The Android tablet you are using, which version of Android do you have on it?

Android version 13.

Hi @bdbtbb,

I have more time now and reviewed your issue. I also have a Samsung tablet with Android 13 on it. It’s a Galaxy Tab A7 Lite.

I would like to reproduce your issue on my side. If you try to search “Jackson”, do you get a result?

Hi. Thanks.

I get a result, yes, but only from my local library, not from Tidal. If I want results from Tidal, I have to search on my laptop (the laptop search produces a mix of local and Tidal results / the tablet only produces results for locally-stored tracks.

Edit: Antoine, please let me check this more carefully and post back again. I think there is something going wrong but it may not be exactly as I described it in my original “bug” report. I am listening to vinyl this evening, so I’ll post back here tomorrow sometime.

I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem of getting a “No results found” message. I just upgraded to 2.3.1 this morning, maybe that did it?

Anyway, probably nothing to see here. If it happens again, I’ll post.

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I ran into this same issue after upgrading the pc app a couple of days ago. The android tablet (A7 lite) wouldn’t return any search results. Uninstalling and reinstalling the android app fixed it.

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