Searching for music by a composer is disappointing

When searching the library with a composer name, the name appears in the list of composers.
So far, so good.
Then, when choosing a link amongst the composer list, a number of Albums appear.
So far, so good.
When choosing any of these albums, all the tracks of that album appear, including of course those not by the searched composer.
So far, so useless; especially if the said album contains numerous tracks.
Have I missed something that I should have read in the software documentation, if there was such a thing available?

There is of course the possibility to create a smart playlist, but it is a long winded way for the occasional search of tracks in which a composer had a hand.

Has anyone a helpful suggestion?

This is completely normal as you clicked on a album you are now displaying the whole album, not only what’s from the composer you previously searched. If you want to have all of the tracks from one composer then yes, you will need to use smart playlist but you can edit it when you want to search another composer if you want.

Dear Damien,
Thank you for your reply, which sadly confirms what I was thinking:
The search function has in this case a very limited interest as it is not filtering “irrelevant” tracks when presenting the results.
Never mind, it is only another rough edge I can live with.