Seekbar loading issue

hey antoine i hope you are ok!
i have this issues time to time with the seek bar loading…
please its time to fix all the issues of audirvana once and for all!
using the lasest version on macOS Sonoma 14.5


Me too, even worst the music stop playing or skip to next track when reached the point where the seeker interrupted the analysis

This is clearly a bug, since the SW know how long the track is it should never stop to process it and retry loading or report any encountered issue, instead it silently truncate the track


sadly the app has so manny bugs and issues, when 3.5 old version felt stable and solid this one its still a mess

I sadly agree, I hope they start to work on this bug soon otherwise I will have to find another player

on mac side you don’t have much choice and manny are no looking good either

Yes but I can renounce to polished UI to have a more robust audio engine

personally i prefer stability and then the rest plus i tried so manny apps and cant find any audio improvement…personaly I’m be ok with apple music but it has a bad UI