Setting albums to list by year

Hi, after playing with the sort criteria I have not been able to get my albums to list by year oldest to most recent, instead no matter what I do it always list the albums alphabetically. Mind you I only want the albums to list yearly within the category such as (Fleetwood Mac, Soundtracks, etc…) I still want the global album list to be alphabetical. Does Audirvana for windows have this capability?

Hello @Qi55, you can do this by going in Audirvnaa settings>Sort Criteria, you’ll have the sorting criteria for Album here

I have went to the library settings many times and set it to year ascending and descending and it has done nothing. All albums within each artist are still alphabetical.

When you are trying to sort your column, are you in a playlist or in the library?

In library album view, sorting albums by artist, then Year works… then if i click Pink Floyd, all albums are alphabetical order, we want by year There too :grinning:

Same on the remote for albums of an artist, please :grinning:

I am in the library. Not the main album screen, but for like if I click on Elton John, once in the Elton John only showing his albums they are in alphabetical, but I prefer the albums to display by year. On the main library screen showing all artists that I prefer alphabetical.

I have this problem too. In the library I click into an Artist, then in the Artist view the albums are in alphabetical order, when I’ve (tried) to specify in the settings to have them listed by Year. When I say “tried” I mean that in settings under “Local library Albums” there are three sort criteria:
“Album Artists” (ascending)
“Year” (ascending)
“Album Title” (ascending)
I’m using version 3.5.12, which is the latest at date of writing this.

I have the exact same problem, and same sort criteria as Booker. Would be great to solve this to allow Year sorting in Album view.

I precise, Audirvana version 3.5.35.

[edit] sorry, not Album view, but Artist View!

Still not solved in the last update.

I’m having the same problem. when I go into an artist, all albums are alphabetical. Sort settings don’t work (this aren’t intended for albums inside artists). Please fix this. This is the MAIN reason why I’m considering buying Audirvana to move from Foobar. If this is not solved, I won’t get back to this software as it is useless for me if I can’t see my albums sorted the way I want. Also there has to be an option to see multiple versions of the same album (for remasters, 5.1 mixes, etc)